Friday, July 4, 2008

Rainy 4th

We are having a rainy 4th today. Wish we could send you some rain Cindy. It looks like our annual softball game will be a washout. Bart's all ready to play with his hat and all, but I don't think the weather radar on the computer screen is showing good news. Well we will still go to our friends who have been having this annual event for two generations now. It is so wonderful to be part of their extended family and to be embraced with our many children and all.
Each year they put on a skit and the skits are hilarious, 1 year they even did a synchronized swimming skit. My DH is an integral part of these opening ceremonies, one year he was a cowardly lion, this year he is portraying Miss Hannigan from the movie "Annie". And then the patriarch (who is an ACLU lawyer) gives an impressive speech on patriotism or our country or something important like that. Then we play softball and then we have a big potluck fried chicken picnic.
So off for our traditional 4th of July and hoping that the weather clears for the fireworks later.

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