Saturday, December 20, 2008

The pictures won't work

I wanted to post the pics of the other children (?), young adults helping to decorate the tree as they were having a great time also.  It is rare for Kendra and Douglass to horse around together, so it was fun to see.  But the pictures won't work for some reason.  This new computer thing has me frazzled.  I have been assured by my resident computer geek, aka DH, that all my files have been transferred, etc, but I can't access some of them because I am not the administrator.  See it is a laptop borrowed  from the business so it is frustrating to wdeal with right now.  And I don't want to seem too grouchy about it all as DH took several hours to get me set up with this machine and he saved all my important files from the other machine.  Still the pictures won't work as I can't connected to the network, argghhh!!

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