Thursday, March 19, 2009

An answer

I have finally figured out why I have not posted in so long, I hate my computer and its keyboard. Now this may sound like a hokey explanation to you, but it is actually the truth. My new computing situation is awkward and uncomfortable and it gives me a backache. It is one thing to pop in and check Faceb**k for a minute, it is another to sit for a while and try to type anything lengthy.
Ever since my old computer crashed I have not enjoyed using my loaner replacement computer so I have not found the time to blog. There is nothing I can do about the computer, replacing it is so far down our list of things to spend money on. I should simply be grateful that I still have something akin to a computer and Internet access.
So hopefully I will be back soon. Being stubborn, once I figured out what was impeding me I have resolved to overcome it. I will make the computer work for me. Speaking of work I had better get back to it, having snuck a quick break.


Linda B. said...

This isn't hokey at all. I hate being on my computer when it isn't up to par. Come over to my blog and see the award I am giving you!

Brenda said...

I've missed your posts. I hope you get that computer thing worked out soon.


Linda B. said...

Hey-You've been Snarked!