Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fianally a non-frantic Saturday

Gosh it was nice to just sleep in this AM. Nowhere to rush off to, no children to carry to activities.

We didn't get in until late last night as we were at the State Fair, Kendra is performing there with her dance studio four times in the next 10 days. So we took the opportunity to go as a family and cruise the exhibits.

First we had to go see the bunnies, we have an incident that has gone down in family lore about bunnies at the State Fair, so each year we have to be nostalgic and go visit them.
When Kendra was about 7 or 8, really old enough to know better and behave better, we went to the State Fair and had a wonderful, but long and tiring day seeing all the exhibits, doing the midway, etc. One of the last places we went was to the small animal barn and there it happened.
Kendra decided that she had to have a bunny, she NEEDED a bunny and we had to buy one for her right then. It didn't help that the bunnies were actually for sale and some people were leaving with bunnies. No amount of rational explanation about not getting the bunny (allergies, homicidal to bunnies dog, etc) reached Kendra' s ears, instead she started to wind up and began screaming about getting a bunny. The end result of the whole thing was that DH had to hoist her on his shoulder and carry her back out through the fair screaming bloody murder. I kept waiting for the state police to intervene as she soon started yelling, "You're not my real Daddy, my real Daddy would get me a bunny" Of course what makes this all the more hilarious in retelling within the family is that Kendra is our birth daughter, she was just utilizing the lines of her adoptive sibs to try to get her way.

So, anyway, we had to go visit the bunnies and see every last one of them and retell our family story to ourselves. It made me wonder how weird that might really be that we remember with fond nostalgia the day Kendra had a screaming tantrum at the State Fair!?

We also got to see all the quilts, my personal favorite! I always get remotivated when I view the quilts. Maybe i will even clean my sewing room enough to do some work on my projects.

Had a pleasant time socializing while waiting for the dance performance and then we did the midway in the dark, the best time to do that as the lights and glitter are able to really disguise the kind of pathetic shabbiness of it all.

Now today I need to do little at home chores, some garden work, some canning, a little wash, you know the endless bu necessary tasks of family functioning.

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