Friday, August 1, 2008

Lies and Secrets

You know that yucky feeling you get when you know you are being lied to, but you don't yet know what the lie actually is? Well throw in the fact that I was awakened at 3:20AM by my 15 yo daughter and friends as they came up out of the basement to go back upstairs to her room where I thought they were sleeping. Her explanation, they were taking pictures of each other.

Now, they love to do this when they get together, they take crazy pics and have a lot of fun. So at first I was like okay, just get to bed, its 3 AM dam*it! But the more i thought about it the less likely that scenario was. See our basement is currently the most, gross disgusting thing you have ever seen, we recently had water damage and everything is torn up, piled up and just nasty. There is no place down there where pics could be taken. So I am left to wonder, what exactly was going on.

I was so disturbed by the feeling of having been lied to that I actually got up off the couch (where I sleep when my reflux is bad, long story) and went downstairs, couldn't see any signs of illicit activity, couldn't smell anything illegal, maybe they were just taking pics. But I don't know, something doesn't feel right.

So I am going to ask to see the pictures when the sleeping beauties awaken.

I hate this yucky feeling, but I have learned to trust my mom "instincts" and last night my radar was really going off. It is weird though, this child and her friends are pretty high up there on the trust scale, but they are teenagers, so....


Torina said...

Are you thinking something out of an episode of That 70's Show? I agree. Very suspicious.

quilted family said...

Thanks for affirming my radar Torina, I still haven't had a chance to confront the miscreant so we will see. I almost hope it is a case of my being too jaded to trust and believe innocent girls. But nahhhh!

Monica said...

I know exactly the feeling you are describing. Amazing how that works. Once I had a gut feeling that one of my kids was up to something. I peeked in the backyard and saw that her screen was off and resting against the house. Turns out she snuck her boyfriend in. So far I am rarely wrong when I think my kids are up to something. I recently told that daughter that I'm not a naive person and it would be a mistake for anyone to think that I am. They think they can pull stuff over on me all the time. Nope, not likely.