Monday, January 19, 2009

Texting with Douglas

Douglas went to Texas to work on a ranch and it turns out he is in the Four corners area.  It is very peaceful he says.  He seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit.  He says he is learning how to drive, something he strongly resisted.  The buildings on the ranch are all smaller than 20 feet to a side to avoid taxes so it is an interesting little compound, one building for the kitchen and dining, one building for the living room, various buildings for bedrooms.  Sounds quaint and rustic.

I am still not really clear on what he is doing down there.  He was blathering on about hoping to see wolves.  I think he is helping to clear brush etc.  He claims he is very chilled out and he really likes how quiet and calm it is.  I do think he is a nature kind of guy, this city living we have is pretty stressful for him.  Maybe he is finding a career path! 

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