Friday, January 2, 2009

What I Worked On Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

I made these four T-shirt quilts for the young adult children of my very good friend Diane.  Even though they were all T-shirt quilts I made each of them a little differently.  It was quite a bit of work.  They turned out pretty big as you can see from my DH's head just barely peeking above the one he is holding and he is 6'4".

I really tried to capture each person a little with their quilts.  The one above is done with delicate sashing and is done on point.  The one below is for the guy and I incorporated his college colors as well as making his bold and very rectangular.

The one below was done for the younger sister and I did a crazy quilt idea with each block being totally different and a little well "crazy"

This final one is my favorite and I made it for my favorite one of the four.  This is for Judy, she is severely mentally retarded and autistic but she is the sweetest, most loving person and I adore her.  I made this one a combination of a T-shirt quilt and tied fleece blanket.  The sashing is fleece and the backing and border are fleece and are tied together with fringe.  I chose this style specifically for Judy as she likes to feel a variety of textures and it helps to soothe her.  You can't really see, but the theme of the sashing is fish which she loves only second to bugs.  I couldn't find any bug fleece this time of year :-(  

Anyway I had a blast making these, loved the challenge of the crazy quilt and the effort of personalizing each of them to the person's personality.  It was a lot right before Christmas and I think I will start earlier if I do this again. 


Lisa said...

Quilts from T-shirts?! That is genius!!!!

Torina said...

Very cool. I love them all but, of course, the crazy quilt one is my favorite :)

quilted family said...

Mine too Torina, I have been enjoying the pics of your projects, you are one industrious girl! I am just now getting back into my quilting and sewing projects as I no longer have little ones who can't be around sharps safely.