Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A 15th Birthday

This is my beautiful dancing girl a couple of years ago but it is a picture that expresses her well. All beauty and grace, in constant motion, reaching for the best things out there.

My darling dancing girl turns 15 today and she is taller than I am. It is bittersweet to see your darlings grow up. She is doing a much better job of this whole teenage thing than any of her brothers and sisters. She reminds me that she had lots of opportunity to observe what wasn't going to work, and how not to win friends and influence people from her older sibs mistakes. Thank goodness she was one who could watch and learn. So many of our others had to prove it to themselves by doing it the really hard way.
For her birthday we are giving her a trip out to see her second oldest brother in Santa Cruz, California. It will not be the first time she has flown by herself, but it will be the first time she needs to change planes without an adult to guide her. She is going with a friend and they are so excited they are walking on air, or maybe leaping on air as they are both dancers!
I am thankful everyday that we have this darling bundle of joy and I reflect on how close we came to losing her, both in utero and then immediately after she was born. It was touch and go the first 2.5 years of her life but with God's help we managed to pull through. We were told that she was not a viable fetus, then that she would not live long after birth, then that she was dying of sepsis when she was 4 days old, then that she would never be able to digest food properly and would need to be tube fed and lead a restricted lifestyle. And now she is a vibrant, incredibly intelligent, socially savvy, beautiful and loving 15 yo! I thank God every day for the joy and happiness that she brings into the world and I am so grateful that we did not give up and insisted that she could do anything she set her mind to and then some. My miracle baby is 15 and healthy and wonderful!!

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