Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ironic Break

We have been very busy here, lots of things going on.

But now that our team is out of the NCAA playoffs we don't HAVE to watch basketball till late in the night. Of course, at least some of us still will but attendance on the TV room couch will not be mandatory!

Most of my time at the end of last week and the weekend was taken up with teaching other people how to blog. Nothing like the new convert to get out and proselytize:) It was fun but demanding as we were setting up a private group of blogs and I got to be the administrator with all of the admin tasks to accomplish.

Other news on the horizon, I have two jobs that I have to consider and we have been weighing the pros and cons here. So many choices, so many people's needs to factor in. I have been tossing around going back to school and getting my MSSW. I have found a school that interests me and have been working out details. But we have also been struggling with a lot of finance issues and my husband's business is very effected by the downturn in the economy as many businesses put off technology upgrades whenever they view a questionable future.

Both of these jobs popped up this weekend and they are almost a perfect match for me. One is to be a full time Parent Recruiter/Trainer for a private therapeutic foster care program and the other is to be a part time Recruiter/Certification Specialist for another wonderful therapeutic foster care program. Both of these are located in my city, actually in my end of town! Since I have been a freelance trainer for many years now I have actually worked with both programs.

The dilemna? Well, I don't really want to work full-time as we have so much on our plate with 3 special needs young adults, 2 of whom we retain guardianship over and the other one we just wind up being responsible for, and my youngest child is just finishing her first year of high school so I do lots of schlepping around for her and her activities. Not to mention, my 3 yo former foster daughter is still a big part of our lives and spends most weekends with us, lots of time extended weekends. But the full time job offers benefits and one of the things that is killing us is paying for health insurance through my husband's business. The part time job is actually far more attractive in many ways but I am not sure that it will answer the financial issues. However with the part time job I could still go back to school and get my MSSW.

Its not a bad dilemna to have, as my darling teenage daughter sarcastically pointed out the local burger place is hiring night managers so there are jobs everywhere, but not good jobs like these that fit my profile so well. These jobs come along rarely so I have to jump one way or the other.

It is even more complicated by the fact that my dh is not exactly excited about me working, full time or part time. I am an assistance to him in his business and have actually given presentations and done some teaching/training for his clients. I do some of the paperwork, the finances, and edit his white papers before publication. I think I could still do a lot of this with a part time job. He is rightly concerned about job creep, as in part time job becoming more full time with out full pay. One good argument from his perspective for me getting a job is that I would not be able to foster also and he is feeling very done with the whole state system and foster care in general, although not the kids, just the system, but they are indivisable unfortunately.

So my mind is spinning around and around. I have one interview on Friday and the other place and I are playing phone tag to set up an interview. Last night at dinner I enlisted everyone's help to make a list of pros and cons for all 3 options, no job, part-time job, and full-time job. It didn't really help me but I think my daughter enjoyed feeling included in the decision making process.

Anyone out there have any opinions? reflections on their own experiences with juggling everything?

This will not be the first time I have worked, but since I got very ill in 2000 and quit work after a cancer scare and a hysterectomy it will be the first time I have been an employee again instead of an independent contactor.

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