Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My wonderful, impressive, creative DH

I haven't said much about my DH on this blog, not because he is not important, but well, you know, umm, we've been married for 27 years this June and I guess I do kind of take him for granted sometimes.

But this evening I want to tell everyone about one of his marvelous talents. He is the chief cook and bottle washer in our house, because he likes to cook and he doesn't like to clean anything else. This man can cook when he sets his mind to it. He makes an awesome grilled leg of lamb marinated in rosemary, thyme and mint, he can make rice and beans like you wouldn't believe and mostly I just admire that at the end of a long day he come up to kitchen from his home office and create something good to eat.

Tonight he again outdid himself. We have been trying very hard to eat greener and more vegetarian meals. So tonight he made a soup from the stock of the artichoke leaves left from our artichoke orgy of the other night and the tailings of the asparagus we had last night. Then he added some mushrooms, black olives, onions, baby spinach (not yet fresh from the garden) and barley. It was a most impressive soup and everyone ate it contentedly.

Now I ask you, would any of you have thought of making a soup with those ingredients? I surely would not have. I would have looked at our refrigerator's offerings and announced that we were having eggs for dinner again, or suggested maybe people wanted to make lunch meat sandwiches. I am not a creative cook. Luckily Doug is and we often eat quite well.

Another amazing skill of his is the ability to feed large numbers of people even at a moment's notice. We often have a varied number of people at our dinner table. Especially when the kids were younger and all at home we might have an extra 8 or 9 folks at the dinner hour and our policy was that if you were at our house you were at our table for dinner. Doug can stretch a meal and the true beauty of it is that the recipients of the meal never know that it has been stretched.

So as I sit contentedly full with artichoke soup I want to thank my dh for another, in a long line of, wonderful dinners. So now you probably won't hear about him again for several months :-)


Nobody said...

My hubby does much of the cooking here too...which frees me up for other fun stuff. He does it professionally, so I don't even feel guilty most of the time. I just manage the cleanup crew after we demolish whatever he creates. It sounds like your husband has the wonderful gift of making something from nothing. I marvel at what mine can come up with when I was convinced the cupboard was bare. Very useful skill.

quilted family said...

I want to start a fan club for husbands who cook well on a regualr basis. I know many of my friends envy me that, their husbands are not inclined to cook often or well. So here's to husbands who cook!