Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Down Day

don't know why, but I am a little blue today. I got a lot of good work done at work today preparing for our upcoming training series which starts next week. It is my job to fill that class and I have at least 8 families pretty solid so it looks good. The photocopy machine and I were in sync today which is unusual and I got most of my materials copied. Did some research on the book we are thinking of assigning as outside reading to our prospective foster and adoptive parents. So I got a lot done, I am still feeling down and yucky.

I figure it is still getting over being ill, I don't know.

Our summer is looking kind of crummy, I mean nowhere near as crummy as the folks in the Iowa flooding, but we don't have the resources to do any traveling and so our big trip to New York and Washington DC will have to be put on hold. My mother who lives in Connecticut and who would have been part of the visit is feeling pretty bummed that we won't be up to see them. Don't have any money to fix things up around the house, and so I might actually be forced to clean and organize, yikes.

Right now I am trying to convince myself to cook some dinner for Kendra and myself as DH is out at his men's meeting. But I haven't gotten very close to the kitchen. Kendra is entertaining herself watching season 3 of Grey's Anatomy up in her room, so it is quiet and boring.

The good news is that Douglas graduates on Friday from his military academy. He will be home again and I have really missed him. He is one who can motivate me to organize and clean because he is always pretty cheerful about being the muscle for projects. I have wanted to defrost my freezer all Spring so that I could give it to a young couple in our church who have gotten into canning, etc. big time, but it has to be moved to the drain, or better yet outside. The dolly is right there next to the freezer, but it has not willfully leapt onto the dolly, so Douglas is needed. If I move the freezer I can organize my laundry room more ergonomically and I won't hate doing the wash as much. (yeah, yeah, let me live in my fantasy land okay). And if the wash room is organized then the laundry that currently spills into my sewing room will not need to migrate there and so I can organize my sewing room and maybe get back into some quilting again. So there, I am glad Douglas will be home soon.

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