Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Uggh! Taxes

Yep, that is what I spent all morning doing, taxes. With much hair pulling, a few tears of frustration and some near name-calling of my dh, we managed to get everything together and it is off to the accountants. Whew, what a relief. Now we just have to figure out how we are going to pay the taxes owed!!!

On a totally separate topic, where do the clothes go that wander off? I mean many of my childrens' clothes, particularly but not limited to socks, disappear and are never seen again. They disappear right here in my own home and even diligent searching by mother who is trying not to spout profanity as she is faced with the dismal failure of passing down any organization or housekeeping techniques as evidenced by the disaster that is the room, closet, set of drawers, bed underside, etc.. Where do they go? Are the socks off dancing somewhere with the missing tablespoons? And the shirts happily cohabiting with the missing drink glasses? But it must be in another dimension because they are not physically anywhere in my house.

The beginning point for this rant? Douglass came home from military school in his "at ease" uniform, basically grey sweats, sweatshirt, t-shirt, gym shorts, white boxers and white socks. They are required to return in said uniform this afternoon. I asked him to immediately remove all pieces of said uniform and deposit it in a very specific place so that I could wash all pieces and he could go back properly dressed so that he did not get demerits. A good plan, yes? Well, somehow, mysteriously, the t-shirt has gone missing. I have ripped the house apart, and it is nowhere to be found. Of course, it could not just be any old grey t-shirt, it had to be a logo t-shirt, so I can't just pop out to Wal-mart and buy another one. I guess he will start the new session with a demerit. I am very frustrated!!!!

But aside from the t-shirt issue he is all ready to go back, we got the supplies for his college class. He is so proud of himself, as well he should be, that I did not even try to palm off the left-over school supplies we have sitting around, we went and got all new stuff for his college adventure. He has the check for his books and his tuition waiver came through.

He has been busy calling and visiting everyone, his old therapist, his mentor, his friends at our church. I have barely seen him. He seems so happy and much more confident and engaged in the world. Such a nice change.

His big brother is taking him back to the military base, and this is making Douglass feel very proud. He worships his big brother and in true big brother fashion Bart often has very little time for him. So it was a really nice gesture when Bart volunteered to drive him back.

Well I am off to Wal-mart to buy another grey t-shirt, maybe no one will notice that it is logo less since he will have his sweatshirt on top. Here's hoping.

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