Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Dancing Baby Girl Weekend

Well I wasn't sure we were going to be able to see Dancing Baby girl this weekend. So far things have not imploded, I am still on good terms with Mom and we had a wonderful short weekend. I could tell that stuff was up though, because Mom had not left her overnight bag at the daycare for when I picked her up, but we survived without blankie for one night. And today Mom called to check twice that I was still meeting her at the pick up point at the designated time, kind of weird vibes.

Still, DBG was in a great mood and we had a wonderfully fun time. Since I had gotten her a little earlier than usual we stopped in at her old daycare to say hi and she played on the playground with her friends for about 1.5 hours. (Jessica we stopped in to see you, but your sign on your door said you were out). Then we went shopping for her little brother's birthday present.

Bedtime was great, a real snuggle fest and she went right to sleep. We had a great dance class in the AM and then she and I went to the park and hung out almost all afternoon. We played at the playground and then we went down to the creek and spent hours throwing rocks and sticks and leaves in the water and watching them flow downstream. It was a great relaxing time and it reminded me how seldom she gets a chance to be out in nature and just hang out.

When all of our other kids were young we went camping all the time and they really had a blast being out in the woods and around lakes, rivers, mountain climbing, etc. DBG has never really seen that side of us. So today was a pretty glorious day.

When I had to take her back this afternoon (so she could be home for brother's birthday tomorrow) she was a little unhappy but cheered up when her Mom reminded her that her cousin was coming over tomorrow. So we had a good weekend and even made plans for next weekend. Keep our fingers crossed that everything stays nice and calm and on an even keel.


JamieLee said...

I'll have to come back again when I have more time. I saw on your profile that you homeschool and you have adopted. We're homeschoolers, too, and we're working on adopting through foster care.

quilted family said...

Welcome Jamielee. Come by anytime to read and comment. I have found all the blogs by adoptive and foster parents to be an incredible resource. I am learning all the time.
thanks for the comment.