Tuesday, May 20, 2008

College Days

James was at the 2008 UPA College Ultimate Championships with his team from UC Santa Cruz, the Banana Slugs. Unfortunately James hurt his hamstring in the first half of the first game and had to sit out the first day. So their hopes of a championship were lost but they had a great time. As you can see from the picture above, the location was just amazing. And the weather pretty much cooperated. My DH had flown out for the event and had a grand time with James and his teammates.
Frisbee has been very important for James and his older brother Bart. They have played through high school and college and in city leagues every summer. Bart is the president of the local league. It seems to be a wonderful community of people, one that polices itself both on and off the field.
Now James has to buckle down for the next eight days and get through the end of the semester. He will be starting his Senior year in the Fall and I am hoping this year has been a good one for him. He really worked hard to get to UC Santa Cruz, it was his dream from his Jr. year in high school. But there was no way we could afford out of state tuition. Instead of shattering his dreams this news motivated him to take responsibility for making it happen himself. He moved out to Cali at the end of his high school time and lived on his own for 3 years establishing residency. He took courses at the Junior College and worked at restaurants and retail establishments. Then he got himself accepted at Santa Cruz as a transfer student for his Jr year. We re so proud of him for following through on his dreams. I think they will be that much more important to him since he has accomplished them on his own.
Go James, I hope your leg feels better.

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