Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Playing The Day (and night) Away

Well I have found a new way to spend my time in relatively meaningless ways. I am now a Guitar Hero. That's not me, that's my far more photogenic and far better guitar playing daughter. We have been having the most fun rocking out to these songs and acting the goof as we do it. Instead of style points we are getting convulsive laughter points. I apparently hold that record, looking the silliest while playing. I have sent Kendra and her friends into paroxysms of laughter while I have rocked out trying to stay on beat and at least get to the end of the song.

Actually we have been having a blast and I love that it is interactive. Kendra and I had gotten into a dry spell where it was all about where I had to drive her next or what chore I was nagging her about now. So it has been refreshing to have something else to converse about and to share. Laughter goes a long way and I don't mind being the butt of the joke when I am deliberately acting the clown.

Somethings I have learned, or perhaps relearned, from playing Guitar Hero:

I have no rhythm at all

I am tone deaf and unable to anticipate the notes

I get rattled easily and then I just start pushing buttons randomly

I should not sing along with the songs, it is painful to my audience

I really like playing the game and I have quite a competitive streak

So I now have a new vice to overcome, blog reading, eating snacks, procrastinating about the housework and now Guitar Hero.

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