Saturday, May 10, 2008

Douglass is 18!

Douglass is 18 and seems to be sprouting some wings. He may be the only one of my adopted children able to leave the nest without disrupting relationships.

Anyway we love having him home this weekend from his military school. We gave him a Wii for his birthday and he and his friend just commented that this is the most fun they have had in a long time and they weren't trying to kill things on the little screen. We are having lots of good natured rivalry as they play tennis, golf and bowling. We are saving Guitar Hero for a little later. I love to hear all of the kids interacting with one another as they play together. It has been a good evening.

Douglass is preparing to take his GED in late May and he is finishing his first community college course. He has goals and plans (plans that are actually within the realm of possibility) and seems to be confident enough to push through when the goals are harder to achieve than he plans. I just love to see the maturity blossoming.

Happy birthday, big guy. I love you!

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