Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Squeeze is On!

Well, we seem to have been hit on all sides. First of all the economy sucks and as an independent consultant my husband is really feeling the squeeze, folks don't want to invest in new technology updates when they aren't sure what the next business cycle is going to bring. Second, I just started a new job and that is making us all readjust our already tight schedules. Third we have had major issues and thus staffings on two of our kids that are in residential placements, one about 3 hours south of us and the other 2 states over and about 5.5 hours away. Fourth, to top it all off my dh's mother suffered another stroke and now we all have to decide long distance what the future holds in terms of staying in the home, etc. It's been a crazy week and a half, I will try to post details on all this later, but we'll see. Right now, after an emotional 3 hour staffing and then a 5.5 hour drive home I am exhausted and just want to sleep.

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