Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

Well it wasn't too many posts ago I was reminiscing about wanting the thrill of new placements and voila, we have a 9 yo girl tonight. We'll cal her DJ for now. It is very short term, she has disrupted from one relative placement and is on her way to an adoptive placement, but the adoptive placement is not quite ready for her. So until Friday or Monday we have a new one to get to know.

She is very talkative, quite smart and very capable of playing by herself (a rare gift). I am sure that there are many issues, but I figure for just an extended weekend we should honeymoon our way on through. We don't have to worry about school until Monday and we can just hang out, go places and entertain ourselves. She has lots of energy so we will keep ourselves busy at the zoo, the science center, do a little shopping, take the dog for a walk, etc.

One benefit of the whole thing is that I got my 14yo to clean her bathroom and sweep the hall and stairs. A little cleaning goes a long way.

Off to put the little one to bed, she is really, really small for a 9 yo. I think I am happy or at least excited.

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