Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Fun on a Snowy Day

Well after exhausting outside possibilities we were all stuck inside. We had watched the videos we rented, made some good food and were all a little restless and bored. So we got out the games and had a wonderful time playing a variety of interesting types of games. We played some card games, some board games and some generally funny games. It was refreshing to not have a single person storm away mad, not have a single board swept off the table in frustration, etc. My husband even enjoyed learning some new games that had been staple home school favorites so we whipped his behind in them but that was fun also.

If only I had a good book to read I would be completely content right now. But I did not plan well and forgot to go to the library before being snowed in. And I forgot to add a working fireplace to our house so this snowy evening is not quite perfect but sure comes a lot closer than many, many, many we have had.

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