Monday, March 3, 2008

Not such a Bad Weekend

I was just rereading the previous entry, and if that is all you know you might have thought we had a lousy weekend. in fact, it was a pretty nice one, the temp was above freezing and it was not raining too much of the weekend. My 14yo Kendra had a major Dance Concert to perform at her school the Youth Performing Arts School on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. In between she had her studio dance classes and some time with friends. I was the co-chair of the reception committee for these concerts so was kept busy myself.

We had the blessing of having a former foster child who now lives with her birth parents come to spend the weekend. She is three and a bit of a handful but we love staying in contact with her and are so thankful that the birth parents understand her need to stay connected to her past. We went on a bike ride to the playground and got all muddy, yeah! We walked to the store and bought bubbles and looked at all the signs of Spring. She remembered, without prompting, Easter from last year and can't wait to do an Easter Egg hunt again, and be at the Sunrise Service, but she wants to bring 2 blankets this year instead of 1 because it was too cold. Then she painted some pictures and the table, her hands and her shirt. We cooked some bread and I don't know how the flour got on the topside of the ceiling fan blades?!? And then she helped me clean up and I am not sure I will find things again, she carefully put all the remotes under the couch inside an empty shoe box, they took awhile to find last night!

My oldest son Bart (24) went to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament at a college about 3 hours south of here and it was just that much warmer and drier that he got a little sunburned!! Quite an achievement for the 1st weekend in March around here. He had a great time, he loves playing Ultimate Frisbee.

In addition my husband and I actually got to spend a little bit of time in conversation with one another without interruptions. This is a rare and treasured event. Don't tell any of our kids, because someone will break something or come down with a deadly disease just in time to sabotage, but it really looks like we will have no children at home for a weekend in two weekends. We are racking our brains trying to figure out what to do with ourselves, NOT! At first I was troubled by the fact that we did not have enough disposable income to get away for the weekend and then I realized that it will actually be wonderful to be in our own home with no demands from any one and a schedule that only has to answer to our desires.

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