Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Must Be Spring

It must be Spring! I am on one of my self-improvement, home-improvement kicks. My to-do list of miraculous makeovers for health, weight, garden, interior decorating and organizing, and general life improvement (I want to learn Chinese?!?!) has exploded. I am getting out the books, doing the research, I have plans and drawings, and job assignments. That's the part my kids hate the most, when I decide to self-improve they don't get why they have to help!

Of course, most of it won't get done, but I can dream can't I? Realistically getting the improvements done little by little with a master plan, etc. is the way to do it. But in my life of chaos I have to grab the odd hour or day of relative calm and financial largess and just go for it. I have discovered that I can generate more enthusiasm to finish a half-stalled project (both my own enthusiasm and my husband's) than I can to start even a desperately needed one. So, whenever I have the energy I begin projects all over the place like a whirling dervish.

The bulbs in the front garden peeked up before the snow and luckily they survived, I am expecting flowers any day. So that means it is time to get the back vegetable garden in shape. We are starting from scratch this year, I am hoping to get the bed laid and the compost spread and a few tomato plants in, but I am saving my big planting plans for next year after we break in the garden.

Despite all these wonderful plans, I need to focus most of my energy on my own body. Last year was an extremely stressful year and I responded in truly healthful ways, NOT! So it is back to exercising and back to eating for nourishment instead of emotional deadening. I have no delusions that I will ever be skinny but if I can stave off pre-diabetes and high blood pressure/cholesterol I will feel good about myself.

Time for my walk and then I am treating myself to a Portabella Mushroom Pizza lunch. Yum and healthy and low everything.

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